Welcome to your essential dressage training resource, Amelia's Dressage Academy. Where we want to help you to learn how to love your ride.

Amelia Newcomb is a competitive Grand Prix rider and trainer who has trained multiple horses from youngsters all the way up to the Grand Prix level. Amelia and her Team are dedicated to helping YOU achieve your dressage goals by providing you with the skills and information you need to be successful.

Offering an arrangement of masterclasses, workshops, and free materials, there is something for everyone. As "Dressage for All" is Amelia's mantra, she finds joy and fulfillment in sharing her passion for Dressage and Horsemanship with others.


Dive into the world of Equestrian education with one of our 6 Masterclasses. These programs are designed to give you a full scope of theory, exercises, examples, worksheets, community, office hours, and lectures, in addition to custom feedback each week on videos of you and your horse. Achieve success with a Masterclass with Amelia.

-Strides with Amelia

An always on, subscription-based Equestrian Education Series with Amelia. Enjoy a new workshop each month (plus access to previous workshops), with new exercises, a LIVE theory lecture, a private WhatsApp group for community support, Office Hours, worksheets, and the ability to submit your videos to Amelia for feedback, and MORE.


Need help in a specific area? We have 6 main workshops on popular topics that are available for you to enroll in year-round. These are smaller-sized courses are designed to help you achieve success in specific aspects of your riding.

-Amelia's Facebook Club

Where our community thrives! Join riders from all over the world as they share their daily wins, riding videos, questions, and more! It's a great place to meet like-minded equestrians and learn from others. It's also where we host our weekly Q&As (see below!)

-Thursday Night Livestream Q&A

Ask Amelia questions about horse training, dressage, or about my horses in general. These weekly live streams are hosted both on Facebook and on YouTube.

-Weekly YouTube Videos

Each week Amelia puts out a new YouTube video featuring a different 'how-to' to improve your communication and dressage training with your horse.


Can't sit still for a video? Take a listen to my podcast instead. It's great way to get dressage tips on the go while in the car, mucking out stalls, or out and about.

-Weekly Blog

Once a week I write blog posts with dressage training tips. Learn dressage in bite-sized manageable pieces to make a big difference in your riding.

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Did you know that Amelia's Dressage Academy is accredited by the USDF for university credits? Check out the details HERE.

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